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Year 2018 will enter the Akrilika's history as a grand renewal time. 

Akrilika has renovated its Apietra modified solid surface collection.

One of the most competitively priced and popular collections of solid surface in certain countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Apietra series now comprises more than 70 colors - a huge range of trendy shades of gray and white, marble and granite-like veins.

The Apietra colors can be divided into two segments: 

  • colors similar to popular Akrilika Stone and Kristall colors but cheaper than them;
  • and unique colors, which are produced only under Apietra brand name.

Here are the new Apietra colors which are similar in their pattern to some bestsellers within Akrilika Stone and Kristall series:

The all-new Apietra collection is now available for shipping to all European countries, including Germany, Poland, the Baltic states and the Balkans.