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new colors
Akrilika is proud to present 7 new colors to our pure acrylic solid surface collection - the Design series.
new colors
Akrilika has launched 6 new colors to its low-budget modified acrylic collection - Apietra series. 3 colors reminiscent of concrete texture and 3 colors with terrazzo pattern.
3d design
New Akrilika Collection hi-res textures are here to help in your visualization projects.
Akrilika goes digital with its multilingual and highly useful tool - The Visualizer. Need to find a perfect match with Akrilika color? The Visualizer is at your service. Enjoy!
A Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes to our Poland colleagues!
new products
Akrilika expands its stainless steel sinks series with a range of PVD-coated colored sinks.
Akrilika is an international holding company
in the area of chemical production and solid surface manufacturing
57 colors


Versatile and durable
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13 colors


Natural aesthetics
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15 colors


Rich and radiant
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85 colors


Straight and bold
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8 colors

AQ Stone

A new line of quartz surfacing material featuring marble-like aesthetics and vast veining.
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Solid surface
Solid surface is as versatile as now other material. Due to its superb functional properties and unlimited creative possibilities it the highest requirements in interior decoration.
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Useful Links

Akrilika Catalogue featuring visualization of every 150+ color, full palette, sinks program and accessories. The must-have for every designer or architect.
A Brand new catalogue dedicated to the AQ Stone series of quartz surfacing material. Visualization of every color included.
All Akrilika Logos, as well as logos of different collections of solid surface and quartz in one package.
Up-to-date palette of Akrilika colors - Akrilika Stone, Design, Kristall, Apietra and AQ Stone series inside.
All Akrilika sinks and bowls, cast and thermoformed, in one file.
Very convenient table of glue-to-material correspondence in one PDF file. Please note that the table is being updated right now. Please refer to the sales office for any further information.