Akrilika Company
Akrilika is an international holding company in the area of chemical production and solid surface and quartz manufacturing.
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The Holding Company

Akrilika is an international holding company in the area of chemical production and solid surface and quartz manfacturing, including the companies and representative offices from different countries and locations: Hong Kong, Germany, China, Poland, Bulgaria.

Solid surface and quartz manufacturing lines are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Special attention is paid to ecological safety and high quality production standards, meeting and surpassing international norms and requirements.

Akrilika solid surface palette now offers more than 150 colors and patterns in 4 collections. In 2023 Akrilika introduced Alfa Quartz - a new line of quartz surfacing material that features marble-like aesthetics and vast veining flowing through each design. In addition to solid surface and quartz materials Akrilika also manufactures readymade items and surfacing products, e.g. sinks and bowls, window sills, wall-cladding panels.

The diverse application of our products can be found in the medical, food service, hospitality sphere and sports' facilities construction.

Akrilika's dealers serve countless regional markets in more than 20 countries, including Australia, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, France, Germany and many other countries.

Akrilika's strength and sustainability rest on four foundational pillars: large variety of colors, efficient supplies, reliable service and reasonable prices, all of which make the Company one of the most dynamic leaders in decorative surfacing industry.

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Why Akrilika
Akrilika - it's a reliable service, large variety of colors, efficient warehouse program and reasonable prices.

Advantages of Cooperation

Reliable Service
Solid surface and quartz material always in stock and ready for supply in different locations throughout different countries. Besides solid surface and quartz we offer readymade solid surface products, e.g. sinks and bowls, 30mm sills and wall-cladding panels, as well as necessary tools and equipment for your fabrication shop. Technical recommendations, consultations and professional support guaranteed.
All in One Place Approach
Solid surface and quartz slabs, adhesives, sinks and bowls, accessories, promotional materials, tools and equipment, training courses and professional support - are all in one place. In Akrilika's office. Just to make it simple and more comfortable for you.
Reasonable Prices
Akrilika's offers are something synonym to fair-enough concept. The prices are very reasonable and fair. Different promotional campaigns, seasonal sale and additional discounts applied.
Large Warehouse
Every representative office in different countries has a warehouse capacity way enough for the needs of local markets. A special warehouse program is available for top-20 colors, which are always in stock.
Variety of Colors
Akrilika's five collections offer 159 colors of solid surface and quartz materials. A very huge spectrum of monotone and granite-like colors as well as different patterns with natural marbleized aesthetics, or even copper wood pattern.
15 Years Limited Warranty
Akrilika offers up to 15 year limited warranty to every solid surface or quartz product under its brand.