Akrilika at International and Regional Exhibitions
Akrilika Poland participates in the international trade fair in Poznan, Poland - Polagra Gastro Invest Hotel 2017 - a trend-setting regional event which combines gatronmy and hotel equipment industry producers and distributors.

Every year the trade show is visited by several thousands of professionals of HoReCa business coming from different parts of the world.

Akrilika's booth is decorated with a set of bathroom installations giving numerous ideas of how a stylish and trendy hotel bathroom area may look like.
From September 13th to September 17th 2017 in Bucharest Akrilika participated in the international trade fair for furniture, machinery and materials - BIFE SIM 2017.

This is the largest exhibition in the furniture industry in Romania.

Solid surface collections as well as different ready-made 100% acrylic products (sinks and bowls) were presented at the booth and became a point of high interest for lots of visitors and professionals from both Romania and other countries.
In May 2017 Akrilika took part in one of the biggest furniture shows in the world INTERZUM at Cologne, Germany.

This year INTERZUM's international reach is not only increasing amongst exhibitors. The trade fair also attracted growing numbers of international visitors.

Akrilika's booth central object was a Riesling bottle made of bright white solid surface, surrounded by two wave-style wall panels and a non-standard cuerved reception desk.
Balkan Akrilika - an exclusive representative company throughout the Balkans - took part in the Bulgarian Building Week 2017 international exhibition in Sofia from March 15th till March 18th.

The 17th consecutive edition of the specialized forum, organized by the Inter Expo Center, introduced manufacturers, distributors, retailers, investors and experts.

More than 200 Bulgarian and international companies visited the booths of companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Moldova.

The stand of Balkan Akrilika attracted visitors with the rich colors of its three solid surface collections, as well as finished products and solutions.
In January 2017 Akrilika participated in one of the most influential kitchen furniture and components exhibitions in the region - the IMM / LivingKitchen at Cologne, Germany.

Akrilika's booth attracted attention not only with authentic decoration created of solid surface in partnership with ArtCor Company, but also with innovative solutions and materials within Akrilika product range.
In September 2016 Akrilika took part in the international furniture show FURNICA-2016 in Poznan, Poland.

FURNICA is one of the major regional exhibitions in the woodworking, furniture and components segment.

At its booth Akrilika has presented different collections of it own brand solid surface and quartz surfacing materials. Akrilika products have attracted many visitors not only from Poland, but also from other European countries such as Germany, Great Britain and France.
In May 2016 in the Moscow Central House of Artist the 21st International ARCH MOSCOW Exhibition was held. This is one of the most prestigious forums of professional interaction between architects, designers, developers, and investors.

Akrilika Company is the permanent participant of this show for many years presenting the most up-to-date trends of the modern solid surface and quartz market.

This year Akrilika has presented a booth which was decorated in black and white solid surface (Akrilika Stone A411, A005, A404 colors).

Also Akrilika has presented a new line of quartz surfacing material - the AQ Stone series.
From March 8th till March 11th, 2016 a large international Home Decor exhibition took place in Poznan, Poland, gathering together more than 20 000 of professionals of European furniture market.

The expo was divided into several blocks: surfacing materials, objects of interior, lighting, textile, furniture and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Akrilika booth's central object - a world map fabricated of Akrilika soild surface - attracted lots of visitors due to innovative solutions, meeting the leading interior design trends of 2016. Booth's composition has demonstrated various advantages of Akrilika solid surface, i.e. plasticity, sophisticated thermoforming possibilities, variety of color choices, seamless joints, backlighting possibilities etc.
In November 2015 the 27th International Exhibition "Furniture 2015" took place in Moscow bringing together exhibitors from 30 countries.

This year Akrilika presented a unique booth created within the concept of "A Magic Future".

The booth was built on the contrast of black and white colors, combined in a single composition. Backlight constructions spectacularly distinguishing different elements of exposure were actively involved in the design of the stand.

In addition to the main exhibition stand the intense educational program was organized.
From June 19 till June 27, 2015 in the Russian city of Cheboksary the Interregional Exhibition took place.

Akrilika's booth attracted thousands of visitors by its bright decoration and several innovative ideas. Solid surface fabrication was made by Akrilika's partner - Travertina company.

New products of Akrilika Company were presented there, including the exclusive colors of Akrilika Design and Apietra series.
ArchMoscow - 2015
Moscow, Russia
From May 27 till May 31, 2015 the 20th ARCHMOSCOW International Exhibition was held. More than 210 companies from different countries (Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Netherlands, the USA, Ukraine) participated there.

Akrilika's stand was distinguished by an exclusive design, which demonstrated the possibilities of solid surface use in designer and architectural projects.

A concept of public space interior fabricated of Akrilika solid surface combined several constructive elements, such as exclusive furniture, lighting solutions and art objects.
VolgaStroyExpo - 2015
Kazan, Russia
From April 21 till April 23, 2015 in Kazan, Russia the 20th VOLGASTROYEXPO International Expo took place. This is No.1 show in the Volga river region. An overall square of the show amounted to 12000 sq.m. The participants quantity prevailed 350 companies.

Akrilika actively participated in this show and presented a booth with its products samples.

The visitors also could watch the newest solid surface fabricating tools and equipment, and get acquainted with new products of Akrilika.
UMIDS - 2015
Krasnodar, Russia
From the 1st till 4th of April of 2015 in Krasnodar, Russia the 18th UMIDS International Expo took place.

Akrilika has presented its products in a separate Furniture Pavillion of the Expo. Akrilika's partners - Akrilika-Stavropol and YUMAkom companies presented a concept of a kitchen with a countertop fabricated of Akrilika solid surface, as well as samples of ready furniture solutions for residential and commercial interiors.

Akrilika's booth attracted the attention of numerous visitors by its bright design and hi-end solutions.
Mebel - 2014
Moscow, Russia
Mebel-2014 International Furniture and Components Fair took place from November 24th till November 28th, 2014 in the Moscow ExpoCenter.

712 companies from 30 countries participated in the Show and made it the central event of the Russian and Eastern Europe furniture market. New products, materials and collections were exhibited on a large area with a square more than 35000 sq.m.

Akrilika's booth attracted lots of visitors by demonstrating the Company's new products and goods.
InterMebel - 2014
Kazan, Russia
From the 3rd till the 6th of June, 2014 the International InterMebel Show was held in Kazan, Russia.

Akrilika has presented its main booth object in partnership with Travertina company from Cheboksary. Made of Akrilika Stone and Design series solid surface the concept of the kitchen interior was named Impresio Pietra.

This magnificent concept is just another example of how flexible and universal a solid surface material can be. With solid surface any designer ideas may become reality.
ArchMoscow - 2014
Moscow, Russia
The International Architectural and Designer Expo named ARCHMOSCOW was held in May, 2014.

The public space concept was presented at Akrilika's booth. Different colors of Akrilika solid surface material were used to fabricate several objects.
ZOW - 2014
Moscow, Russia
In May, 2014 the ZOW International Exhibition took place in Moscow.

Akrilika presented a concept of public space interior with the use of solid surface materials from different Akrilika collections.

One of the new Akrilika products was demonstrated there, that is the ready-made tables with combination of wood frame and a solid surface countertop.
ZOW - 2013
Moscow, Russia
The 2013 ZOW International Exhibition was held in November, 2013. That was a tenth jubelee of the ZOW events in Russia.

At Akrilika's booth some of the new products were demonstrated: brand new colors in Akrilika Design, Kristall and Apietra series. New shimmering colors in Akrilika Stone series are not the least to mention. In Akrilika Design series a new color imitated the natural beauty of mahogany. In Apietra series new colors with natural aesthetics were launched.

An absolutely astonishing and useful catalogue was printed out for this occasion.
MIFIC - 2013
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
In October, 2013 the MIFIC Exhibition of Furniture Industry Suppliers of the Russian North West was held in Saint-Petersburg. Akrilika presented different products at this Show.

New colors in Apietra, Kristall and Design series were launched.

Akrilika's booth attracted many professionals by its unique objects made of solid surface that imitates natural stone and even... mahogany!
InterMebel - 2013
Kazan, Russia
From August 14 till August 16, 2014 the Kazan Fair Expo Center became a host for the 15th Intermebel Exhibition.

Together with Travertina fabricator company Akrilika presented the concept of a bathroom interior.

Sophisticated artistic and technical solutions together with extreme and bold designer ideas were used in the concept realization.
ArchMoscow - 2013
Moscow, Russia
The 18th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design (ARCHMOSCOW) was held in May, 2013. Professionals from diffrent industries got the chance to make contacts and exchange their own experience and gain something new out of the forum.

Akrilika presented 3D relief wall decorative panels under Akrilika Deco brand name.

Solid surface decorative panel with different relief and texture is a very successful solution for both residential and commercial interior design.
Mosbuild. Cersanex - 2013
Moscow, Russia
In April 2013 the 19th Mosbuild. Cersanex International Trade Show was held. Akrilika Company presented Akrilika Deco, 3D relief solid surface panels for vertical decoration with backlighting possibilities.

Akrilika Deco combines 9 different reliefs of the surface, which accompanied by AkriLight lighting solutions reveal the unlimited possibilities of interior design.

Akrilika Deco panels may be used both as a decorative surfacing of commercial and residential areas and as a kitchen backsplash or shower tub wall surfacing.
In November, 2012 the ZOW International Show took place in Moscow.

Akrilika's booth was of high interest for the expo visitors.

The brand new products were presented there by Akrilika: 3D panels, AkriLight solutions and thermoformed solid surface kitchen sinks.
Soon after the MMMS exhibition Akrilika took part in the International Exhibition of designers and architects - ARCHMOSCOW-2012.

It was for the first time in the history of our company. Akrilika’s booth had all the time attracted the attention of the visitors thanks to extraordinary solid surface product – human-height ‘matrioshka’ illuminated from the inside. The product, specially made for the exhibition by our partner from Saint-Petersburg, visually demonstrated versatility and suppleness of solid surface – the material which is more often used by architects and designers all over the world.
From the 15th till the 19th of May 2012 Akrilika participated in the Moscow International Furniture Show. The company’s booth was very popular among the visitors.

Several unique novelties of the Russian market were exhibited on the display: new solid surface Design series imitating natural stone, renewed premium-series of Kristall solid surface, including two translucent colors, new warehouse program for Kristall series sinks, Akrilika Deco decorative wall panels, new lighting system for the panels.
ZOW - 2011
Moscow, Russia
Akrilika Company participated in the ZOW International Trade Show in November of 2011.

Traditionally we presented some new innovative object. Our fabricator partner from Cheboksary created a high end interactive table made of red and white solid surface.

This W-shape table performs as a powerful PC complemented by a large sensor touch panel and ready to solve any complex tasks.
BalticBuild - 2011
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
In September 2011, in Saint-Petersburg LenExpo Center the Baltic Build Week Show took place. Akrilika participated with its local fabricator partner.

The wall panels were made of Akrilika solid surface with the use of CPU routing technique that made the backlighting possible.

Once again it became the evidence of how flexible and universal a solid surface may be.
InterKomplekt - 2011
Moscow, Russia
In May of 2011 in the Moscow Crocus Expo Center the International InterKomplekt Exhibition took place.

A massive and gorgeous Akrilika's booth was visited by thousands of expo guests.

The visitors could evaluate the advantages of Akrilika's offer: great scale of colors, new innovative products, such as ready-to-install 30mm solid surface window sills.

A reception desk fabricated of red and white monotone colors, became the central object of the booth.
InterKomplekt - 2010
Moscow, Russia
In May of 2010 the InterKomplekt Expo was held in Moscow.

Akrilika has presented the newly launched Kristall series that features bright translucent particles similar to quartz.

The main advantages of the Kristall solid surface in comparison to quartz are fabrication simplicity and seamless joints.
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InterKomplekt - 2009
Moscow, Russia
In May of 2009 the 8th international InterKomplekt exhibition took place in Moscow.

Akrilika's booth attracted many professionals by some new products: 30mm solid surface, colored cast sinks.

FESTOOL representatives demonstrated the possibilities of solid surface tools at the booth.