Care & Maintenance
AQ Stone surfacing is a non-porous, durable and versatile material, suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Follow the simple guidelines to maintain the initial appearance and beauty of your AQ Stone countertop.
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Maintenance Guidelines

Routine Care
For routine care, apply some non-bleach, non-abrasive, mild cleanser on the surface; wipe dry with a soft sponge or cloth. Since AQ Stone is non-porous, you may not be afraid that spilled water or other liquids will damage it. Drain the water and wipe dry the surface with a soft cloth or a paper towel. Liquids cannot nor will not be absorbed into the quartz.
Use of Trivet
DO NOT place hot cookware directly onto the AQ Stone surface. Always use a trivet with rubber feet between the heat-generating appliances and the countertop.
Use of Cutting Board
DO NOT use your AQ Stone countertop as a cutting or chopping surface. Always use a cutting board to protect the surface from scratches and avoid dulling the knives.
Avoid Pressure
DO NOT stand on the surface of the countertop. Avoid dropping hard and heavy objects on the surface.
Use of Scrapper
Materials that harden as they dry, such as gum, grease or paint, should be removed by gently scrapping away with a blunt plastic or wooden scrapper.
Avoid Damage by Chemicals
Avoid exposing the surface to harsh chemicals, such as acids, paint removers, chlorinated solvents, acid drain cleaners, oven cleaners and acetone. Promptly remove any spills containing acid (such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine etc.) from the surface. Surfaces exposed to these agents should be quickly flushed with soapy water to avoid damage or discoloration.

Warranty Terms

Please, note! Damage caused by customer's abuse of these recommendations will be regarded as a non-warranty case.



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