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Please welcome our 8 new colors with marble-like veining.

A handmade technology used in production of Apietra veined colors results in a truly authentic and natural aesthetics of surface design. Low price added and you get the ideal compromise between natural look and high-tech usability.

M-A651 Clam Shell

Light and soft veining, neutral tone balancing the edge of grey and beige. Designed for bright and rich interior. 

M-A652 Rain Cloud

Soft grey veining with small white, grey and dark particles. Suitable for any kind of interior.

M-A653 Burled Beach

This one plays a crucial role in the interior design. With its rather active wavy veining it is a highlight.

M-A654 Beige Marble

Soft veining on a rich beige color base. Can be paired with wood, glass or steel.

M-A655 Night Fall

Grey base color with dark grey and soft white veining. An ideal pair to bright and vivid colors of textile, furniture and interior decor.

M-A656 Meteor Shower

Deep black base with soft grey veining and grey particles. Please keep in mind that dark colors are not recommended for installation on surfaces which are used intensively.

M-A657 Royal Granite

Fancy twists and curls of yellow, green, grey and beige veining are combined in the pattern which resembles natural granite.

M-A658 Travertine

Travertine-like pattern comes to a solid surface world with our new color.

Important Notice

Please keep in mind that Apietra colors with natural look veining can differ between slabs. We recommend to confirm exact sheet of material prior to fabrication. Such colors pattern might require more careful fitting of the adhesive joint. 

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