The most affordable within Akrilika solid surface range, Apietra is perfect for straight lines and bold design.

Apietra series: frequently asked questions

What is Apietra solid surface?

Apietra is a distinctive collection of solid surface combining more than 80 bright and bold colors manufactured by Akrilika.

What is the difference between Apietra and other Akrilika solid surface collections?

Apietra has several unique features. First of all, the Apietra solid surface price is much lower, thus a countertop made of Apietra is more affordable for a customer. Secondly, Apietra cannot be thermoformed like any other Akrilika collections. Finally, among more than 80 colors of Apietra there are 18 colors that imitate the natural beauty of marble.

These 'natural look' Apietra colors, what are their features?

Apietra colors with veins combine the unique features of solid surface and the natural beauty of marble. These colors are manufactured with both handmade techniques and highly sophisticated technology. Thus every slab of Apietra marble-look solid surface is unique in its pattern and texture like any natural stone. This approach transforms every countertop fabricated out of Apietra marble-look solid surface in a true and unique masterpiece.

Important Notice: Apietra natural veining colors

Please note that every Apietra natural veining solid surface slab is unique so color and pattern may differ slightly between sheets and/or batches.

Solid surface
Solid surface is as versatile as now other material. Due to its superb functional properties and unlimited creative possibilities it the highest requirements in interior decoration.
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Countertop Edges

With top and bottom radius. Common radius dimensions are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.
With top radius only. Common radius dimensions are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.
The edge is double-eased and has an inlay of different color solid surface. Due to seamless joints the edge appears as a uniform object.
A beautiful edge with gentle asymmetric profile is perfect for a classic kitchen.
This elegant profile edge perfectly matches your classic style kitchen.
One of the most popular classic style edges with symmetric profile and convex radius.
Slant angle
The straight edge perfectly matches your modern style kitchen. To minimize any surface stresses it is recommended to ease top and bottom corners with a sanding machine.
Usually a 45-degree profile of the edge may match both classic and modern interiors.
A classic bullnose edge with a complete radius.
Drip edge
This edge style may protect your furniture facade from any liquids that may flow down from a countertop.


Standard (Top-Set)
A standard top-set backsplash protects the back side of your kitchen cabinets from any liquid flowing.
Classic Cove
For a classic kitchen an elegant choice of classic cove backsplash is highly recommended.
With the most convenient and practical kind of a backsplash it so easy to clean your countertop.
Coved into Backsplash
A reiteration of a coved backsplash, this one integrates into a full-height backsplash of your kitchen, made of the same color solid surface as your countertop.