Training courses
Akrilika Festool Training Center offers full training courses on solid surface fabrication.

Akrilika FESTOOL Training Center

AFTC Mission
Akrilika FESTOOL Training Center offers a variety of training programs covering almost all aspects of solid surface fabrication. All courses have been developed on the basis of normal work, they include large number of practical examples and illustrations. Our trainers are professionals offering diverse knowledge, skills and experience.
Training Courses
  • Individual and group training programs
  • Focus on practical skills training under the supervision of experienced coach
  • Mistakes Correction Special Course analyzing the most common errors occur while fabricating solid surface
  • Demonstration of the world leading tools and equipment by FESTOOL
  • Recommendations how to start your own solid surface fabrication busines and fabrication shop
  • ISFA Certifying programs
Complete Training Course Plan
  • Introduction:
    • Solid surface market brief review
    • Solid surface samples
  • Sheets storage and logistics
  • Cut Out
    • Solid surface material features
    • Cut out examples
    • Necessary tools
  • Glueing and Joints
    • Necessary tools
    • Methods
    • Working with adhesive
  • Thermoforming
    • Necessary equipment
    • Flaws
  • Edge profiling
  • Kitchen appliances cutout
    • Rules of operation
    • Common errors
  • Substrate fabrication
    • Choosing the material
  • Backsplash fabrication
  • Drip edge fabrication
  • Sanding and polishing
  • Repairing
  • Undermount sink or bowl installation