Ready-to-Install Sills
Special Offer! Ready-to-Install 30mm Solid Surface Sills at a very low cost!
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Color Options

P103 Gold

P103 Gold is an ivory tone with elegant smooth veining in creamy white.
P104 Allegros

Allegros is a rich red-brown with densely spaced small droplets from brick-red to deep brown and tiny tone-on-tone glassy particles.
P514 Edelwise

Edelwise is a marbleized soft white with tone-on-tone white particles. One of the Akrilika Top-20 colors.

30mm Solid Surface Sills Features


30mm solid surface sills are manufactured in the following dimensions:

900х200 mm
1200х250, 1500х250, 1700х250, 2000х250, 2300х250 mm
1400х400, 1500х400, 2000х400, 2300х400 mm
1400х500, 1500х500, 2000х500, 2300х500 mm
1500х600, 2000х600 mm

Please contact your local distributor for further information.

30mm solid surface sills are manufactured of 30mm width polyester modified solid surface.

All of the sills are sanded and polished to semi-gloss finish. They do not require any additional sanding or polishing work.

Three sides (the full length front one and 100mm depth of left and right sides) of the sill are eased with 6mm radius.

30mm Solid Surface Sills Advantages

30mm solid surface sills are manufactured under the highest possible ecological standards.
Stain and Bacteria Resistance
Ready-to-install sills surface is almost inapplicable for bacteria growth and reproduction - a notion that makes Akrilika 30mm sills ecologically and hygienically safe material. Solid surface is a non-porous material, so it's highly resistant to stain, moisture, and colored pigments.
Absence of Pores and Microcracks
30mm sills surface is non-porous, so it's a waterproof and oxidation resistant material.
High Thermal Conductivity
The most important feature for the window sill is to have a high level of thermal conductivity. Having that in mind, the 30mm solid surface is one of the best options among the materials. It prevents window sweating very well.
Easy to clean, easy to use
Smooth, non-porous and naturally hygienic surface. It does not absorb anything. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water and cloth.
Made with innovative technologies, 30mm solid surface sills are resistant to hits and heavy pressure; they will easily bear the weight of an adult.
Unlike wood or PVC plastic, the 30mm solid surface sills will not deteriorate with time; they will serve you for many years.
Affordable Price
Low level of fabrication expenses results in a very affordable price of ready-to-install 30mm solid surface sills.