Solid Surface
Solid surface is as versatile as perhaps no other material. Due to its superb functional properties and unlimited creative possibilities it meets the highest standards ever.
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57 colors


Versatile and durable
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13 colors


Natural aesthetics
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15 colors


Rich and radiant
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85 colors


Straight and bold
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Solid Surface Advantages

Solid surface is an absolutely ecologically safe material. All equipment at the manufacturing plant meets the highest possible ecological standards.
Easy to clean, easy to use
Smooth, non-porous and naturally hygienic surface. It does not absorb anything. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water and cloth.
Gorgeous look
The design palette contains more than 150 colors including those that imitate marble, onyx, granite or even mahogany.
Hygienic safe
The solid surface countertop does not support the growth of mold and bacteria. It is chemically inert and does not emit or absorb anything.
Invisible seams
Solid surface has invisible seams and gap-free joints. Side edges look perfect.
Manufacturer offers 10-15 year limited warranty. Your solid surface countertop will serve you long years.
Solid surface is completely repairable material. It is easy to renew it even in the case of massive damage. Any scratches, cracks and breaks can be removed without leaving any visible traces.
The 100% acrylic material can be bent into any 3D shape and combined with lighting effects, so it can be crafted like no other surface material and used in different spheres of residential and commercial areas.